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Monday, July 22

Today is a name day for
Marija, Marika, Marina

Brewery "IndieJānis"

Address Upespils, Suntažu pagasts, Ogres novads
Phone +371 29760218
E-mail indiejanis@gmail.com
WWW indiejanis.mozello.lv

In a tour of the beer brewery in Suntaži parish - Uperspils, you will learn how beer is made. Whether in a smaller or larger group, the brewery owner Jānis Rudzītis will welcome you and show you the facility, treat you with beer and tell you the history of the brewery. You will learn everything there is to know about brewing beer. Tours and tastings available in Latvian, Russian, English or Norwegian.

The brewery is built inside a Kastrāne manor barn built in 1810, where revolutionary gatherings were held in 1905.